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Supporting the non-profit community involves more than just asking for donations.  We are most successful with the support of neighbors like you.  Whether you’re looking to work on a small project for an hour or a larger project over the course of several months, The Community Chest can match you to volunteer opportunities.  You can choose from opportunities that emphasize your existing expertise or ones that can expand your knowledge in different areas that comprise non-profit work.  Explore ways to get involved below. For questions or to arrange volunteer hours please contact our Executive Director.

Join a Community Chest Committee

When you join our team of volunteers, you can be assigned to any of our committees that are responsible for the different facets of our work.  Committees are staffed with Board Members as well as community volunteers like you. 

Reviews all aspects of agency policy, sets the agenda for all board meetings for the year, acts in place of the board when necessary, represents the organization in the community when necessary
Dick Kennedy Peter Corbin, Mike Profita, Jayanne Tedesco, Robin Brown, Barbara Strauss, Franci Steinberg, Mike Benedict
Develops Annual Fundraising Plan and presents it to the Board of Managers,  executes the annual fundraising effort, reports to Board on all aspects of the campaign; responsible for prospect development, identifies segments of the population currently not being reached for solicitation and potential leadership giving
Mike Profita  Nick Prastos, Martin Huguley, Orna Toumit, Annette Corbin, Ed Aversa, Robin Brown, Jamie Clare, Richard Engel
reviews applications for funding in April and May;
Recommends to the Board in June the allocations to member agencies
Jayanne Tedesco Michael Benedict, Jennifer Cordover, Jasmine Jaswal, Orna Toumit, Martin Huguley, Dawn Diaz, Nick Prastos
Reviews the finances of the agency on a regular basis, including the administrative budget, reviews the investments and makes recommendations regarding the most advantageous use of agency funds. 
Barbara Strauss Nick Prastos, Annette Corbin,  Hannah Salvatore, Bob Reinemann
Proposes a slate of potential board members and offices
For election at the annual meeting
Martin Huguley, Dawn Diaz, Jayanne Tedesco
Makes the Community Chest visible in the community
Through marketing and publicity
Franci Steinberg Orna Toumit, Marla Isackson, Amie Amburustum, Carol McMorrow, Nicholas Chiaravallota
Works toward developing a strategic plan for the organization, beginning in 2014/2015
Jayanne Tedesco Aaron Cooper, Richard Engel, Janet Sharma, Dawn Diaz, Linda Reiter, Peter Corbin, Dick Kennedy, Debra Albanese, Robin Brown, Annette Corbin, Robert Isackson, Michael Profita, Robert Reinemann, Franci Steinberg, Barbara Strauss, Orna Toumit, Jayanne Tedesco, Shelly Wimpfheimer, Peter Corbin, Jessica Monaco-Copell, Mayor Parisi, Liz Corsini, Amy Sokal, Esmilda Abreu, Carol Rauscher, George McKenna, Judy Aaronson, Anna Villa Bager, Julian Carrera, Sarah Melone
Develops and executes a plan for working with the local business communities in Englewood, Tenafly and Englewood Cliffs, including marketing and fundraising activities
TBD Jewel Spiegel, Annemarie Fanelli, Marlyn Friedberg, Christine Evron, April Uram, Amie AbuRustum, Linda Reiter, Emily Yang
Committees on publicity and marketing and on Sponsor recruitment
Jasmine Jaswal, Tom Manolio, Sonali Weerackody, Franci Steinberg, Tamara Francis, Richard Engel, Tammy Mager, Melanie Simon, Jamie Toolen, Lisette Duffy

Note: Board Chair is an ex-officio member of all committees. New board members to be added to this list of committees.

Assist Our Executive Director

There are also ongoing opportunities to assist our Executive Director:

The Office Administration

Fund-Raising(Assistant Position)

Data Entry

Special Projects

Graphic Design

Public Relations and Marketing


Student Internships & Student Volunteers  

Professionals aren't the only ones encouraged to volunteer at The Community Chest. Opportunities are also available for students.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Internships
Supervision is available for students in Human Services Fields  (e.g. social work, counseling and psychology)

Community Service Projects for High School students

Short term projects for middle school students may be available with appropriate adult supervision