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Applying to the Community Chest for Funding

During 2016 The Community Chest engaged in a Strategic Planning process that helped to shape the goals and activities of the agency for the coming years. While we continue to be committed to fully supporting local nonprofit agencies, we are modifying our approach to grant making over time by making it more responsive to the specific needs of our communities. We will begin adapting our method this year for the Tanner Impact Grant because of outcomes from The Community Issues Summit in June 2017. Groups of local professionals identified four urgent major topics for support: mental health, education, hunger and services to seniors that we encourage applicants to include as the basis of their proposals for this special funding.
The Community Chest regards itself a “partner” of the agencies that are granted funds annually. The goal of The Community Chest and our grantees is to improve the quality of life for people in our community. An open and honest dialogue about community need is essential to accomplishing this important goal. Grantees are encouraged to share stories about agency and client experiences so that we can most effectively address community issues and inform charitable giving decisions.

We encourage our current grantees to continue submitting applications for funding and to think about these requests in the context of larger community needs.

Community Chest Program Priorities

Service quality

High Quality Program Management


Documentation of Impact

Criteria for Awards

1.        Agencies must have a 501c3 IRS designation.

2.       They must be incorporated for at least two years.

3.       They must provide services to residents of Englewood, Tenafly and Englewood Cliffs (but may also provide                services to others from other towns.)

4.       They must submit an application for funding, using the application form provided by The Community Chest.            Applications must also include the agencies most recent audited financials.

5.       The application must also include a detailed explanation for how the funds will be utilized by the agency.

6.       New applicants may apply for funding but must meet all of the above criteria.

Requirements of Grantees 

Grantees must publicize their contributions from The Community Chest in both print and social media, including their website, Facebook page, and other related media outlets.  A grant acknowledgement must also appear in all of their major publications including their Annual Report, event programs and other printed materials.  Grantees must Link to The Community Chest website.

Grantees may be asked to provide The Community Chest with information to be used for planning purposes and for fundraising.  This may include such information as client demographics as well as data about towns served.  Client confidentiality will always be maintained. Agencies may be asked to provide written testimonials and photos for use in Community Chest materials.

In the interest of documenting program impact at the beginning of each grant year agencies will be asked to identify metrics associated with their programs.  They will then be required to  report on program impact in their mid and end of the year reports.  (See attached forms) These metrics will be re-visited and updated annually. 

Grantees are encouraged to participate in Community Chest fundraising events whenever possible and to announce these events to their own board members.  Joint fundraising projects between recipient agencies and The Community Chest may also be explored.

Types of Grants 

Annual Grants

The grants are awarded each year to agencies that submit a proposal to The Community Chest in accordance with the schedule provided on the website.  Grants are reviewed by an Allocations Committee comprised of members of The Community Chest’s Board of Managers.  Annual grants may be used for program funding or general operating expenses.  The maximum amount awarded to an agency for an Annual Grant is $20,000. 

  • The attached application must be submitted by all applicants for funding.   All questions on the application must be completed.   The application must be filed electronically on the due date and five hard copies delivered to The Community Chest office by mail or in person on the same date.

  • For applicants funded in the previous year a copy of their mid-year report should also be attached to the electronic submission.   The hard copies should also include:  the most recent annual budget of the agency, the most recent independent audit and a list of the Board of Directors or the agency.

  • Any agency literature (one copy of each) referencing The Community Chest’s support should also be included in the packet that is delivered.

Impact Grants (Harriet Tanner Impact Grants)   

  • The Board of Managers of The Community Chest will consider proposals for special grants. While agencies may choose their own projects, this year The Community Chest has selected four priority areas, determined through discussions held at The Community Issues Summit held in June of 2017. Groups of local professionals discussed four major topics: mental health, education, hunger and services to seniors. Applicants for this year’s impact grants are encouraged to select one of the topics listed below and propose a program that offers services in this service area. (It is suggested that applicants review the documents generated from the Issues Summit available on The Community Chest’s website or by requesting a hard copy version from The Chest’s office.)

    These are one time only grants. Renewals may not be requested for these special projects. Applications for grants that are not for capital expenditures must include the plan for how the project will be funded in the future. Agencies may apply for Impact Grants for other purposes in the future but must take a three-year hiatus before making their next Impact Grant request. - Maximum grant requests - $25,000  

Special Grants

Occasionally agencies may have unanticipated needs for funding.  Special requests for emergency funding are considered on a case by case basis throughout the year.  

  • Agencies wishing to apply for these funds because of a special need should contact the Executive Director and schedule a meeting to discuss the request.  The request will be brought to the Allocations Committee for discussion.  Final approval must be granted by the Board of Managers. 

  • The Community Chest Board of Managers may choose to make special grants during the program year.   These may be made because of special circumstances (e.g. Hurricane Sandy, or Holiday Season grants) or because an agency has a specific emergency need.

Start up Agencies

 Proposals from start-up agencies will be considered during the grant-making process.   They must meet the criteria noted above except for the requirements for prior operational experience and the option of submitting more than one proposal.  Prior discussions with the Executive Director should be held to discuss the proposals and receive direction.

In the first year of funding grants will be made for up to $3,000

Agency Visits

Each year The Allocations Committee of the Board of Managers of The Community Chest will make site visits to selected agencies.   This is to support the stewardship role that The Community Chest assumes with its donors.  Agencies will be given at least one month’s notice to arrange the visit.   The purpose of the visit is to inform The Community Chest’s staff and board about the status of the project, whether the funds are being spent as requested and to provide input and advice to the agency about observations.   

Calendar for Grant Submissions, Reviews & Awards

Annual Grant Proposal Due March 2nd, 2018

Board of Managers Review Recommendations April , 2018

Agencies Notified May/June 2018

Mid-Year Report Due January 15th ,2019

Final Report Due June 1st, 2019