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The Community Chest is interested in strengthening our relationships with local businesses. We know that local businesses are interested in the wellbeing of local residents but are sometimes unable to figure out how to extend themselves in philanthropic ways because of their own limited time and funds. Their sense of “corporate social responsibility” is strong but sometimes they are unable to identify a way to demonstrate their commitment.   The Chest is eager to partner with local businesses to determine how they can best connect with the community in ways that are feasible for them and in line with their particular type of business.

Some businesses have initiated a relationship with The Community Chest and, in those cases, it has been possible to create a meaningful partnership that works for both organizations. The most recent relationship has been with 23South, a gift shop in Englewood. Other examples of business partners are Broadway Kitchens, Town Motors and Jewel Spiegel Gallery. Each relationship has been unique but very meaningful to the community and to The Community Chest.

We are eager to meet with local businesses that are interested in forming such a relationship to find a mutually agreeable way of addressing community needs.  An ideal way for business to become involved is through event sponsorships.