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Tanner Impact Grant – Testimonial From Center For Hope And Safety

Center For Hope And Safety was fortunate to receive a Tanner Impact Grant from the Community Chest of Englewood for a Domestic Violence Community Awareness Program (DVCAP) in June 2014. Outreach was focused on Englewood, Tenafly and Englewood Cliffs, with particular emphasis on the Englewood community, which was grappling with a number of recent, deadly domestic violence incidents.  Reports from town leaders about their concern about the “normalcy of violence” within some circles of their community also highlighted the need to educate the entire community and provide tools for ending intimate partner violence, at home and in dating situations.

A part-time Community Education Resource Counselor, Nicole Avella, was hired to augment understanding of domestic violence by increasing sensitivity, understanding of ‘red flags’ and empowering individuals to recognize and respond to volatile situations. Over the course of the year, Nicole participated in a wide variety of speaking engagements and community fairs at schools, churches, libraries, community centers, civic clubs and even doctor’s offices, speaking with many victims along the way.  Nicole also met with students regularly during the school day at Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood to discuss domestic and dating violence awareness and prevention. As J.S., an Englewood Cliffs resident and victim of extreme emotional abuse and isolation, wrote to Nicole “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me the other day. You have been extremely insightful and provided great examples of what an unhealthy relationship looks like. Your work at the Center of Hope and Safety is very valuable in the lives of women that suffer from domestic violence. I appreciate how knowledgeable you were on the subjects of abusive and dangerous partners. I hope we can meet again! Thank you for all that you do."

The Tanner Impact Grant also helped fund two large community outreach events in Englewood in which the Center For Hope And Safety participated. The goal of “A Call to Men”, created with a coalition of local leaders including CHS, and in June 2015, was to encourage men young and old to put a stop to violence against women.  Over 200 individuals attended this event, including Dwight Englewood High School football and wrestling coaches and team members. Nationally known speakers, Ted Bunch and Lauren Hersch presented, along with CHS’ Associate Executive Director Lil Corcoran. As one attendee said “ I learned so much from participating in this event- I will not be a bystander and now I know what to do if someone is in need - it is MY BUSINESS! ”  On September 24, 2015 high school students were encouraged to stop domestic violence at its core by taking a stance against teen dating violence. Lundy Bancroft, a domestic violence expert, spoke at Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood to over 400 students about the importance of teen leadership in addressing the issue of violence against women, as teenagers are so critical in breaking the intergenerational cycle of violence.

The Tanner Impact Grant was created to have a large impact on the local communities, and thanks to this funding, Center For Hope And Safety can truly say that the funding was used to positively impact the lives of many in our local communities in a very fundamental way.

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"