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Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development Series (PDS)

In 2014, with the assistance of The Rotary Club of Englewood, The Community Chest launched a Professional Development Series for agencies receiving funding from The Chest. The goal of this training series was to assist local agency staff with updating their skills in management and supervision. This new program is in response to recent demands on nonprofit managers to acquire a new set of skills to prepare them to better meet the requirements of donors and government. Through a relationship with Rutgers University School of Social Work’s Department of Continuing Education we have been able to secure graduate level instructors, with specially designed curricula, to offer one day classes on selected topics. Continuing Education credits to be used toward Social Work licensing are available for some of these classes, based on the workshop topic and the trainee’s need. Professional managers and supervisors interested in learning more about this program may contact The Community Chest office. This series is available to other Non-profit organizations who are not grantees of The Community Chest for a fee of $100 per person per session.

Series Sponsored by:
Rotary Club of Englewood
TD Bank Foundation

Fall 2016 Schedule

Vantage Health System

September 20, 2016 – 9:30am – 1:00pm   "Cross Cultural Competence Skills: Bridging Cultural Differences with Respect and Understanding" 

Instructor: Paula Rodriguez Rust, PhD
Location:  Vantage Health System  | Annex Building/Training Center, 2 Park Avenue Dumont, NJ |  201-385-4400
No charge for this workshop for staff of agencies funded by The Community Chest.   Fee for Staff of other Nonprofits is $100 per session.

This workshop provides professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate effectively across cultural differences in a variety of contexts. Inter-Cultural Competence calls for a framework which supports recognizing individuality and variation within each culture. The focus of this workshop will be on ethnic and cultural differences, and will also touch upon other forms of difference including ability/disability, religion, and sexual orientation. In addition to information about specific cultural and other differences, participants will gain understanding of the dimensions along which cultures differ from each other to enable the application of inter-cultural communication skills to a variety of cultural contexts.    


November 1, 2016 – 9:30am – 3:30pm  "Improving Networking Skills and Enhancing Interagency Relationships" 

Instructor: John Kriger, MSM, CADC, CPS       
Location: TBA
No charge for this workshop for staff of agencies funded by The Community Chest.   Fee for Staff of other Nonprofits is $100 per session.

This workshop will address the fundamental need of professionals to communicate more successfully, build effective coalitions and enhance their networking potential.  Participants will learn strategies to break down communication barriers that interfere with constructive interagency relationships and practice skills needed to work effectively with different types of agencies. The value of dialogue over discussion will be addressed as well as techniques to find common ground.


November 15, 2016 – Time TBA 

Facilitators:  Jim Sonneborn and Lesly Draper of Regent Atlantic LLC        
Location:  TBA
This session is open to the public. There is no charge for this workshop.

Jim Sonneborn and Lesley Draper of RegentAtlantic LLC will lead a discussion on advanced charitable gifting strategies designed to help meet a variety of family goals that may include income and estate tax savings, lifetime income and/or transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Integration of charitable giving with a donor’s financial plan focusing on:
    Understanding a donor’s capacity to give
    Determining when could be best time to give
    Determining the most appropriate strategy for your situation
    Ways that could improve cash flow from investments
    Impact on estate plan
  • Our top five planned giving strategies, including:
    Existing or new life insurance policies
    Retirement plan beneficiary designations
    Charitable gift annuities
    Charitable Lead Trusts
    Charitable Remainder Trusts